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"Though none of these molecules were synthesized and tested, it’s clear that we need to have an urgent conversation on biosafety, biosecurity, and possible safety controls for AIs that may be turned around for dual use purposes by bad actors or even nonhuman machines. "

This is a very well intended sentiment which I'm sure is sincere.

But urgent conversations on bio and AI safety are not going to make us safe, because the people we should be worried about will ignore such conversations, rules, laws, governance schemes etc. As you know, much of the planet is ruled by ruthless dictatorships with vast resources at their disposal. And, bio and AI developments will empower smaller evil doers like never before.

Think bigger. Much bigger.

Almost all the violence in the world at every level of society is committed by a small fraction of the human population, violent men. That should be the target. Identify the source of the problem in a clear minded direct manner, and remove it.

If the world of biology can present us with a credible plan for liberating humanity from the lethal infection of violent men, that is a proposal I would consider with extreme interest. Until then, stop doing biology, and start learning how to think bigger. Here's a place to begin perhaps...


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