You write, "If you have suggestions on how to get around this limitation, we’re all ears."

Abandon the TwitterToy, and encourage your peers to join you here.

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You write, "This biotech could one day make human eggs from scratch."

That would open some interesting new possibilities for sure.

HINT: The overwhelming vast majority of violence at every level of society all over the world is committed by men.

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You write, "We’ve been brainstorming the possibility of building an interactive online community for Decoding Bio to discuss the latest science and industry news."

If you're talking about an online discussion FORUM accessible to all including the general public, I'd be interested. If yes, you might explore this company: https://plushforums.com/

I have no business relationship, but I have used their service, was a happy customer, and am a retired forum software developer. I'd still be there, but I don't have enough of a network to get a forum off the ground in a reasonable amount of time.

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