Biotech is changing like never before

It’s multidisciplinary, tech-enabled, and AI-focused. It’s arriving in thousands of pages of scientific articles, research papers, and press releases.

And we read it all. Even the footnotes. Because you can’t afford to miss a single development. This is the place to decode—and discuss. This is your guide to breakthrough biotech.

We started Decoding Bio to fill a gap in conversation around biotech.


As exciting new technology like AI is being deployed across all of biology, we felt there needed to be a place to host thoughtful content and discussion. Somewhere we can all discuss the latest developments with clarity and nuance. We didn’t see that place, so we created it.

what to expect

Our mission is simple. We translate technical developments and trends into an easy-to-read format. We explore the boundaries of bio, and help you understand the cutting edge developments. We cut through the hype, but also imagine the possibilities and consequences of what these novel technologies could do.

If you’re bio-curious, join us. There’s never been a more exciting time, or a more exciting field.

Meet the team

Amee Kapadia


Amee’s fascination with biology began at age 5, when she tested the limits of a food allergy at the kitchen table, sneaking peanuts one at a time to see if she could control her response. Ever since then she has been intrigued by the limits of the human body, specifically trying to engineer biology without fully speaking its language. Her career has taken her from wet lab researcher, to medtech startup, and finally to venture at Cantos, where she enjoys teaming up with early stage companies to continue pushing limits.

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Pablo Lubroth


Pablo began his career with an interest in neuroscience and pharmacology, in a quest to better understand the human mind. He made the jump to biochemical and genetic engineering after seeing the exciting possibility of new technologies, not just on humans, but on the planet as a whole. After getting degrees at University College London and the University of Cambridge, he pursued a role in corporate development in a genome editing company and incubated companies across biomanufacturing, genome editing and computational biology. Today, at Hummingbird he leads the biotech practice, where he’s able to blend all his interests—neuroscience, gene editing, innovative new treatments, and beyond.

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Patrick Malone


Patrick was interested in computers and biology from a young age. After studying neuroscience and computer science at Emory, he realized his technical skills could help him break new ground in medicine. After spending a year at NIH engineering new neuroimaging methods, he got his MD and PhD degress focused on the intersection of AI and medicine. Dissatisfied by the slow pace of academic science, he found his way to venture, where he’s helped founders move computationally-driven science out of the lab and into the real world. After helping build Northpond Venture’s emerging tech practice, he joined KdT where today he focuses on the intersection of technology and the life sciences.

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  • The outdoors

Morgan Cheatham


Morgan Cheatham is a vice president in the New York City office where he focuses on investments in healthcare and life sciences from early to growth stages. He has a particular interest in companies leveraging unique datasets and computational methods to improve patient care from bench to bedside. Morgan works closely with a number of portfolio companies including serving on the board of FOLX Health.

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Ketan Yerneni


Ketan is a physician, scientist, and entrepreneur who is committed to improving patient's lives. His path into medicine began as he grew up navigating disease amongst loved ones. Over the course of his training, he saw firsthand how, despite significant advances, medicine still left many patients without options. Driven by a desire to impact lives, he helped companies bring new medical devices to patients, before making the leap to venture. Now at KdT Ventures, Ketan works with companies that maximize impact across the healthcare and biotech continuum.

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Zahra Khwaja


Zahra's mission is to help bring a paradigm-change to the field of biotechnology. With the democratisation of machine learning, compute and data, she believes the intersection of tech and bio will drive such change. Zahra trained maths and biology at the University of Cambridge, conducted research in CAR-T cell therapy research at Harvard Medical School and lead Corporate Strategy and Business Development at Charm Therapeutics.

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Mikaela Kimpton


Mikaela’s passion for the sciences has been a driving force throughout her life, with some of her earliest memories being bidding her parents read her bedtime stories of dinosaurs from college textbooks. Hailing from the Ocean State, her first research experience took place in marine biology and oceanography where she learned of the critical role of funding in promoting scientific discovery. This realization led her to study economics and psychology at Pomona College in hopes of understanding all aspects of the industry to aid her mission of bridging gaps and furthering scientific innovation. Now having graduated and fiercely interested in biotech, she has immersed herself by working in venture, startups, and neuroscience research as she determines where to land full-time.

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  • Entrepreneurship

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Bunsen is a design and communications studio dedicated solely to translating the complex worlds of science and frontier technology into engaging, accessible narratives and designs — so these companies can meet their highest objectives.

In plain english, we create brands, sites, and decks for the most ambitious nerds on the planet.


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