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Our goal is to cut through the hype to understand the concrete science and data behind the next-generation of biotech companies. We started this newsletter to curate news and provide analysis and commentary on the rapidly developing intersection of technology and bio. Our modest goal is to facilitate conversation. Our ambitious goal is to help communicate the state of the field, addressing questions like:

  • What have been the highest impact scientific discoveries in bio?

  • What evidence exists that AI accelerates drug development timelines or drives down costs of developing a drug?

  • How many AI-discovered drugs have made it to clinical trials?

  • How have tech x bio companies performed on the public markets? How are platforms valued?

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Who we are:

Ameebiomedical engineer by training, now VC at Cantos. Professional Costco shopper.  

Morgandata scientist by training, aspiring physician and VC at Bessemer. Indoor plant collector.

Pabloneuropharmacology and biochem eng. Investor at Hummingbird. Spotify playlist hoarder.

Patrickphysician-scientist by training, now VC at KdT. Strangely, likes metal. 

KetanMD at Northwestern by day, VC at KdT by night. Also likes metal. Amateur griller, expert eater.

Zahra— Math and Bio @ Cambridge & Harvard. Strategy and BD @ Charm Therapeutics. Abstract minimal psy trance @ always.

What you can expect to see from us: 

Weekly Digest: Each week, we’ll highlight notable news, science, major funding rounds, and share what we’re reading and listening to in bio. Everything will be ~decoded~, easy to understand regardless of whether you’re a genomics researcher or…well…our parents who still don’t quite know what we do for a living. 

Features and Essays: We’ll also share commentary and analysis on specific topics like how to value a platform or whether AI is really speeding up drug discovery. We might analyze a new technology or paper here and there as well. It’s our hope to encourage conversation so we can help each other understand these topics.

If there is something specific you’d like to see from us, please respond to this email or hit any of us up on Twitter. Our DMs are open.

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Pablo Lubroth

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Amee Kapadia

investing in the near frontier @ Cantos

Ketan Yerneni

Physician/scientist chasing the future @ KdT Ventures

Decoding Bio

This is Decoding Bio, a newsletter breaking down advancements at the intersection of computation and life sciences.

Morgan Cheatham

vice president @ bessemer, MD candidate @ brown, bayesian (he/him)

Patrick Malone

Physician-scientist turned healthcare/life science VC.