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You all put out a really great product - I’m delighted to receive and read it each week.


True Ventures

Arguably the best substack in this space...consistently very high quality content.

Gevorg Grigoryan, PhD

Co-Founder & CTO, Generate Biomedicines, Inc.

It's the only newsletter I read every week.

Viswa Colluru

Co-Founder & CEO, Enveda Biosciences

Really cool - one of the most interesting newsletters I read!


Pangea Botanica

What we're solving

As exciting new technology like AI is being deployed across all of biology, we felt there needed to be a place to host thoughtful content and discussion. Somewhere we can all discuss the latest developments with clarity and nuance. We didn't see that place so we created it.

What To Expect

Our mission is simple. We translate technical developments and trends into an easy-to-read format. We explore the boundaries of bio, and help you understand the cutting edge developments. We cut through the hype, but also imagine the possibilities and consequences of what these novel technologies could do.

If you're bio-curious, join us. There's never been a more exciting time, or a more exciting field.

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We’re getting together in-person to decode together. If you’re bio-curious, you’re welcome.

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