Sitemap - 2023 - Decoding Bio

BioByte 057: Why invest in biotech, astrocytes in neuroinflammation, comp bio for novel CRISPR variants, life-extension drugs nearing approval

BioByte 056: the first approved CRISPR medicine, LLMs for genetic discovery, generative models for protein complexes, super-additivity in combination therapies, new NVIDIA-Genentech collaboration

Scaling Biology: Chris Gibson, Co-Founder and CEO of Recursion Pharmaceuticals

BioByte 55: a new chemistry foundation model, deep learning for affinity prediction, gliomas hijack neuronal processes, standardized single-cell data sets, Novartis calls on a Legend

BioByte 54: reprogramming therapies with mRNA, building bioweapons with chatbots, using active learning to traverse the chemical space, and more

BioByte 53: A new AlphaFold model, Future House to accelerate science, the shallow brain hypothesis, direct conversion of carbon to nitrogen, Lilly likes cardiovascular disease

BioByte 052: supercomputers and comp bio, foundation models for genes and cells, neural scaling of deep chemical models, ML-driven T cell infiltration prediction for solid tumors

BioByte 051: mapping the human body, foundation models, effective fundraising and rational molecular glue design

BioByte 050: multimodal biomedical AI from Amazon, AlphaFold for pandemic preparedness, a large pharma protein language model partnership

BioByte 049: atomwise focuses on pipeline, AI gets the american nobel prize, predicting transcriptional outcomes, nanopore protein sequencing detects all amino acids, deep learning for cryo-EM

BioByte 48: review of the obesity drugs, wearable non-invasive sensor for measuring female hormones, building a virtual cell, cracking the chemical code, is target-based drug discovery a waste of time

BioByte 047: multimodal AI for healthcare, tolerogenic vaccines, deciphering the lipidome, missense variant prediction, circRNAs in neurological disease, predicting TCR interactions

BioByte 046: pan-cancer AI models, benchmarks for single-cell LLMs, emergent properties of chemical language models, new astrocyte subtype uncovered

BioByte 045: partnership strategy user-manual biotechs, IRA's first drug list, epigenetic drivers of glioma, in vivo perturb-seq, synthetic data for clinical AI

BioByte 44: docking with AlphaFold, EvolutionaryScale, traversing chemical space, future prospects of LNPs, engineered antitumor bacteria, glial replacement in neurodegenration

BioByte 043: new implications for schizophrenia gene, what characterizes a cell type, multi-kilobase RNA editing, why age of menarche has dropped six years

BioByte 042: 36 billion compounds, genes that keep you alive, spatially-resolved sc-translatomics, predicting the effect of genetic variants on human proteins, myelin dynamics in multiple sclerosis

BioByte 041: NME generation: pharma vs. biotech, validation in AI drug discovery, whole body cellular mapping, deep learning for synergistic drug combos, AI x brain-computer interfaces

BioByte 040: controlling gene expression using bioelectronics, a new benchmark for multimodal biomedical AI, costs and causes of clinical failures in oncology, theories of cancer's origins

BioByte 39: the biomolecular atlas, SOTA deep learning for RNA structure prediction, applications of scRNA in drug development, AI x Bio Summit

BioByte 38: advances in medical AI, 100 pages on biosecurity, personalized cancer vaccines, self-delivering RNPs for gene editing, and more

BioByte 37: cameras to non-invasively measure neural activity, deep learning for spatial transcriptomics, whole body cellular mapping in mice, 100B-scale transformer for generative protein design

Decoding Bio Snapshot 2023

BioByte 036: the future of single cell bio, cell and gene therapy manufacturing, knowledge graphs for biomedical data, secret messaging with endogenous chemistry

BioByte 035: LLMs and biosecurity, AI-based design of PROTAC linkers, lessons in leadership and management in pharma R&D, transforming the dark chemical space of nature

BioByte 034: advances in prenatal gene therapy, the scoop on Laronde, the three waves of AI in bio, why gene therapies should go virus free, cell atlas of the human lungs

Decoding Biosecurity & Biodefense

BioByte 033: fragmentomics, mainstream gene therapies, the immune system and psychosis, herpes zoster vaccination and dementia, ProteinChat, human disease models

BioByte 032: AI and the overlooked stuff, base editing in mitochondria, ratio-tunable multi-gene expression, a brain-spine interface allows a man with tetraplegia to walk again

BioByte 031: the AI for chemistry revolution, safety in gene therapy, AlphaFold's structural shortcomings, mapping antisense oligos in the brain

BioByte 030: legislation for gene-edited crops, bio-developer survey, foundation model for single cell biology, first non-hormonal menopause drug

BioBye 029: solutions to RNA manufacturing, peptide-assisted genome editing, the biosignatures of dietary supplements, gene expression in the living human brain

BioByte 028: the bacteria that may be behind rheumatoid arthritis, how drug discovery companies use GPT, all you need to know about protein engineering, first in class vs best in class, and more...

BioByte 027: RL for multi-step chemistry, transcriptomic profiling for neurological diseases, the upending of cortical organizational theory, new funding models for biomedical innovation

BioByte 026: LLMs as "Intelligent Agents", pediatric cancer classifications, hypoimmune pancreatic islet cells, chromosome-arm-scale truncations from CRISPR

BioByte 025: ML for med chem intuition, co-opting a bacterial protein delivery system, de novo protein binder design for disordered proteins, neuroblastoma cell therapy breakthrough

BioByte 024: diffusion docking models, super evolution, organoid intelligence, frontiers in bio automation and cats

BioByte 023: gene drives, a new turing test for neuroAI, AlphaFold2 and protein-protein interactions, making science disruptive again

BioByte 022: human immunome project, male-derived egg cells, dual use of AI in drug discovery, are neurodegenerative diseases really just autoimmune diseases, and more

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BioByte 021: the future of drug blockbusters, tiktok and protein design, crowdsourcing RNA degradation predictions, gripping integrins

BioByte 020: federal biodata infrastructure, deep learning brings light, using math to understand CAR-T, towards iPSC-derived ovarian biology, deep house on the waters of Hong Kong

BioByte 019: broken bacterial antibiotics pipelines, mini-organs on the rise, LTR retrotransposons in gene delivery, psychedelics that promote neuroplasticity, and more

BioByte 018: a biotech love poem, errors in high-impact genetics studies, human-level AI timelines, intratumor microbiota

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BioByte 016

Going Zero to One in TechBio: Five Lessons from Waypoint Bio CEO and Co-Founder, Xinchen Wang

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5 Bio Predictions for 2023